Germany Looking to send 200 Armored Vehicles to Afghanistan

After the tragic deaths on Good Friday. Germany is finally starting to act

According to Defence Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, the Bundeswehr will move from 150 to 200 more armored vehicles to Afghanistan this year. This is intended to protect the soldiers there, the CSU politician said on ARD television, after claims of insufficient equipment and training had arisen after the fatal battle of Kunduz on Good Friday. With regard to the wear and repair needs of the material, he added: “We must always improve. This is an ongoing process.”

Germany is dancing a fine line. Public opinion is against their presence in Afghanistan and sending heavy armor to the area is a sign that Germany is truly waging war, an action that has not been federally authorized. Without heavy armor, the chances of more soldiers coming home wounded or killed is greatly increased. This would further turn the population against the war.

This is a positive sign. It shows the government is more worried about protecting their soldiers than they are the political consequences of providing them that protection.


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