God Bless the Irish – Discounts for Stranded Travelers

You hear about it on TV and read it on the Internet. Hotels increasing their rates up to 300% per night due to the demand created by the current travel crisis. Well, not every country is full of greedy, spineless, uncaring business owners that lack any sense of compassion.

My wife and I were stuck in Dublin, Ireland for 4 days. Not only did our hotel, The Gresham, not once increase our room fees, they also gave us a discount when we first checked in. The largest ferry companies in Dublin, Irish Ferries\Stena, did not raise their trip rates, but they did increase the number of trips to England. The bus system added coach/ferry rides to London, but they did not add fees.

I am not a big fan of the city of Dublin, but I do love the Irish. They were friendly. They were caring. They did all they could to take care of their stranded travels.

I wish I could say the same for the rest of Europe.


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